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The employee who holds it all together is one who succeeds. A front desk employee is someone who provides continuous help and support to their employer. An employee who works at the front desk of their job is really the employee who holds things together. A front desk clerk is responsible for numerous different tasks. The tasks of a front desk clerk range from answering phones, transferring telephone calls, assisting customers or visitors, making appointments, calling customers, visitors, or patients, scheduling duties, filing paperwork, greet visitors, answer questions or concerns of visitors, or providing assistance to managers, co-workers, physicians, attorneys, or various other individuals in the work setting.
Your place of employment could provide various different work environments
 Front desk clerks are required in numerous different employment settings and employment fields; this means that you could become employed at a vast amount of different places. For instance, front desk clerks are needed at doctor"s offices, school offices, hospitals, hotels, medical facilities, attorney offices, among many other facilities. If you have previous experience as a front desk clerk you options for prospective places of employment are very high because front desk clerks are required in numerous different work settings.
You must have it together to hold it together
When looking for candidates to fill an open front desk clerk position, employers look for candidates who have previous experience or certain skills that would prove to be beneficial when performing the duties of a front desk clerk. Some of these skills include time management skills, customer service skills, communication skills, good organization skills, ability to multitask, quick learners, individuals who can work at a fast pace, good problem solving skills, leadership skills and various other skills and qualities. Front desk clerks should enroll in workshops to learn how to use new technology, new systems or databases, or to become familiar with instruments that they have not previously utilized in their past places of employment. This is helpful when working as a front desk clerk, or seeking to obtain a front desk clerk position because technology is frequently providing new equipment, new systems, and new databases so experience with these items could make all the difference in an employers decision to hire you or not.

By Rita Henry
Get Front Desk Jobs, Contributing Editor

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