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Front Desk Staff Training: How to Improve Your Career

As a front desk attendant for the hotel or hospitality industry, your tasks and expectations are myriad. You must have a variety of well-honed skills, experience, and talents to not only hold your current job in a less than stable economy, but also to move up and grab those higher-paying, lucrative front desk positions. One of the best pieces of advice to offer any hotel desk attendant or hospitality welcome employee is to enroll in a specialized training course or seminar. These courses not only teach valuable industry skills, but also, help you further your marketability in the hospitality industry. Here"s what taking a front desk staff course will do for you:
  1. Show you how to maximize the opportunity of a first impression. As you know, communicating with the public is your number one task, and being able to make a fantastic positive impression both in person and over the phone will help you better serve your clients as well as your company.
  2. Learn customer service troubleshooting. One of the most vital skills to any front desk position is the ability to handle customers" complaints and concerns to the best of their satisfaction. Not only what you do, but how you do it is crucial to customer satisfaction and retention. These courses show you the best ways to effectively resolve client issues.
  3. Exercise Positive Body Language. Many people downplay the importance of effective body language in a communications position such as front desk attendant. Body language not only portrays a positive, helpful attitude but also conveys a level of confidence to your clients" that they will be taken care of to the best of your ability.
  4. Teaches how to portray credibility and industry knowledge. Your clients are looking to your skills and expertise as a front desk employee and staff member to help them best enjoy their stay with your company. A course in front desk staff training will demonstrate how to effectively comfort your clients that you do in fact know what you are doing and also how to serve them best.

By Chris Navarro
Get Front Desk Jobs, Contributing Editor

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