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While the front desk standard roles such as greeting clients and managing telephone calls are well known, there are also a variety of other job responsibilities that may be optional for someone in this position to pick up. Front desk positions can often lead to staff manager or supervisory roles for those individuals who take initiative within their respective role. Master your current role, provide valuable front office feedback for your organization and seek opportunities for stretch assignments to position yourself for career advancement.
Mastering your Current Role
Before you can effectively take on additional roles, you must master the one you currently have. Be sure that you have a clear understanding of how you are being measured and what your current job responsibilities are. Once you have clarity, you can aggressively seek to meet and exceed the expectations that your superiors and your organization have of you within your current role.
Provide Valuable Feedback
Make suggestions on how to improve the quality of service provided to customers as they enter your establishment. Not only can you provide valuable feedback about the front office operations to your supervisor, but you can also seek out any and every opportunity to add value to your organization. These are the behaviours that will increase your opportunities for career advancement within your organization.
Seek Opportunities
Beyond the scope of your current role, seek out additional responsibilities that you may manage within your organization. Search for opportunities on your own to show that you take initiative. And, speak with your direct supervisor about your desire to take on more within your role. Don"t be afraid to take on stretch assignments, to speak up and provide valuable feedback or to manage several tasks simultaneously. These are the behaviours that will position you for career advancement.
Take initiative within your career and opportunities will present themselves to you.

By Neil Whitehall
Get Front Desk Jobs, Contributing Editor

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