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Are you Representing the Company Brand?

As an individual who works at the front desk of your business, you are the first person that most people interact with when they walk through the doors. Are you representing the best brand image of the company? Have you ever stopped to consider what your appearance, actions and overall demeanour are suggesting to those who you interact with? When you learn to master your role at the front desk of an organization, you will be opening career advancement doors for yourself within your organization.
Take a Look at Your Appearance
While none of us likes to consider that we may not be giving off the best personal appearance, it is important when you are in front of people to complete a self assessment on a regular basis. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your appearance, no matter which type of industry you are working within:
·         Keep jewelry to a minimum
·         Wear perfume or cologne sparingly as some guests may be sensitive to certain fragrances
·         Be sure to avoid overpowering makeup
·         Your clothing selections should be comfortable, conservative in nature and representative of the environment that you currently work within
·         Your hair should be well groomed and work appropriate
Customer or Client Interaction
Remember; you are often the first person that a current customer or potential customer comes into contact when they walk into the doors of your organization. And, as we all know that first impressions matter, the impression that you give off can significantly impact your organization"s bottom line. Be sure to warmly greet each individual that walks through the door. If you offer beverages, be sure to offer the individual your selection. Beyond being courteous, it is crucial to remember that even while your guest is sitting in the lobby, your actions matter. Avoid taking personal calls or eating at the front desk.
Take time to reflect on your current appearance and actions to ensure that they are in alignment with your job role and the image of your organization.

By Michelle Simmons
Get Front Desk Jobs, Contributing Editor

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